The energy and motivation present at the beginning of a new year feels magical. When you are expecting new things, and you can almost smell the change in the air, it’s more like focused positivity. January is the most anticipated time in the grand order of making a major career change. As you fix your thoughts on getting a new job with more benefits, extra time off or flexible hours, mind your career experience and what you stand to accomplish going forward.

Here are a few reasons why some people feel like starting afresh this year:

1. Dare to Dream Big

In my career experience, I’ve learned that you cannot purely value your job according to the money it brings to your pocket. Well, it is one of the major reasons of course, but look at it this way; you have the power to shape your dreams and the will to aspire higher in life. Your job should propel you, and the people around you, forward. Therefore, if you have outgrown your usefulness where you currently work, it is time to move to more challenging tasks. That is growth.

2. Be Multi-Talented

We have reached an amazing era, where success in one vertical alone isn’t enough to build a career. If you have learned a few skills like People Management, Social Media Marketing and a little bit of Graphic Design, then you have many more options when deciding to change jobs. Never put all of your expectations in one career basket. Expand your horizon and be ready to jump ship when the time is ripe, or when a better opportunity pops up.

3. Overcome the Fear of Change

I love watching “The Amazing Race,” where people handle different tasks in different parts of the world. Some of those assignments are darn hard to achieve, but the contestants do not have a choice; they must perform the task for them to move forward. Are you tired of your old job? Does it feel like a drag and most days you just feel like a zombie working there? Guess what, January is the right time to course correct and move on to something more exciting – something that aligns with your personality and your passion.

4. Personal Growth

To some extent, your work defines you. Do you believe this? I think this is a double-sided expression where your achievements are a result of your efforts from accumulated job experience and your personal life. Have you achieved at least 80% of your goals for the last five years? Keep setting new benchmarks. Making a move now may help you focus on creativity, positivity, a better future for your kids, or that dream holiday home you’ve been dying to own.

Be open to exploring a thoughtful move this January. Dust off your resume for a fresh start! Do it now.

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